About Us: Aims and Objectives


1. To build a sustainable future for Nigeria by providing a consistent educational support for under privileged children.


2. To promote a culture of selflessness and harmony in the world by focusing the attention of various people, organizations and foundations to one main laudable cause of giving less privileged children a hope for a brighter future.


3. To support the development of social, leadership, cooperative and other life skills amongst children, young people and their families.


4. Eligible student must be needy students who have satisfied the Trustees that they genuinely do not have available requisite resources to finance their education. “Requisite Resources” should be taken to mean, not only students with no resources but also those whose resources are, in the opinion of the Trustees, inadequate.


5. Our foundation shall deliver support in a transparent and effective way.


6. To do all such things as are or may be incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of above objectives.



Our Values


   •  Reach Out of your immediate comfortable sphere of influence

   •  Making a Difference by paying it forward

   •  Raise the aspirations of the hopeless


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